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 A day in the life. - Nessie's POV

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A day in the life. - Nessie's POV Empty
PostSubject: A day in the life. - Nessie's POV   A day in the life. - Nessie's POV I_icon_minitimeMon Aug 11, 2008 9:40 pm

Laura and i Co-wrote this fan fic. its just life in Nessie's eyes

A Day In the Life.

"Momma?" i wondered down the hall way of our little house. it was really small compared to papaw and Mimi's house. "I'm awake"
"Edward," i heard momma moan. it was coming from the bed room where momma and daddy always went into.
"Momma" i walked towards the door that wasn't all the way closed. i pushed it open. she and daddy were in the bed together. "Momma?"
"Nessie!" she gasped.
"What are you guys doing?" i asked, very confused. "Daddy are you hurting momma?"
"Renesmee go into the kitchen for a second," she said.
"Ok momma," i said.
I waited Patiently, But already One and a half second Later Both My startled Parents stood Before me. But no Expression Filled their Blank Faces.
"I was just going to Tell You I was Awake..." I yawned.
"Oh..." Daddy said. I Looked up to him, now facing the Door. "Charlie's coming." He sighed.
"grandpa Charlie!" I gasped. As I finished my exclamation grandpa Charlie knocked on the door twice and entered swiftly. I ran and he lifted me over his shoulders and gently threw me onto the couch.
"How's my beautiful grand daughter this morning then?" He asked me. I Looked over to Momma and Daddy who were staring at me anxiously. I Lifted my hand and Placed it on grandpa Charlie’s' Bristly face. He then Looked at me in Horror.
"What does that mean?" I asked him. I Looked back over to Momma and Daddy but they had gone.
"Hey Nessie, why don't you come stay at my house for a little while with me and Miss Sue."
"i wanted to see papaw and Mimi," i said. frowning a bit.
"How about later then?" he smiled.
"Ok," i smiled
"So where are your momma and daddy. grandpa Charlie needs to have a talk with them for a second. why don't you go play?"
"Mkay grandpa Charlie,"
he put me down and i ran to go get momma and daddy. this time they were just sitting on the bed talking
"Grandpa Charlie want's to talk to you Momma. you too Daddy!" i demanded.
Just Then grandpa Charlie walked in and i went to read one of mommies books. I had read it three times Before. It was the Merchant of Venice. One of the pages were torn out. But I was easily bored so I skipped over to the little window beside the fireplace. Just then I seen a shaggy Brown Stinky Dog grinning at me. It was Jacob. I grinned back and opened the front door and danced to him laughing. He panted heavily. I cuddled him and started to tickle his belly.
"guess what happened this morning..." I said smiling. He tilted his head. Eager to find out.
"What?" he asked
"I saw momma and daddy in the bed together. momma was screaming his name"
"Oh. oh!" he said. “Where are your momma and daddy?"
"With grandpa Charlie"
"HOW COULD YOU?!" we heard grandpa Charlie yell at momma and daddy. "LIKE A BUNCH OF HORNY TEENAGERS!"
"Ok," Jacob covered my ears. "Why don't we go run out side in the forest. go get your jacket and boots on."
"Mkay," I stopped scratching his tummy. "You stay right there," i demanded at him.
"'ill be right here" he smiled
I ran back into the house and it was all silent.
"Jacob and I are going in the Forest." I smiled. I grabbed my jacket and turned back to face them. I was confused now.
"Do Teenagers have horns? Jacob doesn't..." I asked. No One answered.
"Well, When I'm a teenager. I want to Be a horny teenager and show everyone what i Have, they will be amazed." I said innocently. A strike of Horror flashed into their faces. I heard Jacob Laughing outside.

i ran back to Jacob who was still laughing.
"What?" I asked
"I have to go talk to uncle Emmett!" i said. "I want to tell him something."
"I don’t know..." he said.
"But," I cried. "I want to!" i said louder.
"No," he said. trying to calm me down.
"I wish I was aunt Alice. she can do whatever she wants"
there was a stop in everything. i saw momma and daddy standing at me and there mouths were wide open.
"What's wrong?" I asked.
Momma had her hand on her mouth. she started whispering to Daddy.
"What's the matter" I asked louder
"Eww..." Jacob snorted.
"What's you problem?" I hissed at him. I froze. This wasn't right... I seemed 10 foot taller, Even though I was still shorter than momma and daddy. My voice was velvety. And I sounded exactly like... Aunt Alice.
"Cool!" He shrieked.
"What happened?" grandpa Charlie asked. “I’m going to go”
“alright. Bye dad”
"Isn't It obvious? I get whatever I wish!" I laughed. All faces were puzzled.
"I wish to be a horny Teenager!" I shouted out.
Nothing Happened.
"alright Alic--Nessie. lets go see papaw," momma said. this time she didn't pick me up.
"ok," I laughed. I was laughing and I couldn't stop. "i want to stay like this forever!" i smiled
"Trust me, no you don't" Jacob said.
"Hey," i said.
"Sorry," he muttered.
in like 2 seconds we were about to go see papaw. we were waiting at the door because Jacob had to do something.
"Alright" daddy said. "Let's go"
when we opened the door. nobody looked at us or said anything. i saw Mimi look at us and smile and then her eyes got real big.
"Alice?" Mimi said. she looked at me
"Yeah," Aunt Alice walked in but she stopped when she saw me. she came over to me "What the hell?"
"Alice!" Mimi snapped
"Sorry." We both said. Aunt Alice looked over at me confused.
"It's me, Nessie" I giggled.
"Say What!?" Emmett Exclaimed walking in the room.
"I don’t know what happened. I Just wished that I was aunt Alice and Then I was Morphing....Oh! That reminds me..."
"Nessie!" Mommy butted in. I raised my hand up to stop her.
"This Morning I finally found out what I want to be or... have when I'm Older thanks to grandpa Charlie and my parents.... A Horny Teenager. “ I Smiled. Daddy put his hand on his head and momma shook hers and uncle Emmett Broke out into laughter.
"What are you teaching this child?" Mimi chimed in.
"Uncle Emmett," i said. "Were you a horny teenager?"

"Umm well," he said.
"Papaw!" I smiled as he walked in.” I look like aunt Alice!"
"oh my god you do," he sighed, coming closer to me. "What happened?" he asked
"I wished i could be aunt Alice and then this happened. its so cool. now I really want to be a horny teenager," i frowned.
papaw's mouth fell and he looked to find momma and daddy but they were gone.
"I'll be right back. Esme will you join me. I need to go talk to the married couple." he said.
"Of course," Mimi smiled
"I wish I was Nessie again," I said.
Just then I was Looking up at papaw, I could see my ringlets on my shoulders and i smiled.
"Amazing..." Aunt Alice sighed. "Do you think it's another power?" She asked. I shrugged one shoulder and climbed up on the couch. Uncle Emmett sat me on his lap. Just then Momma and Daddy walked in looking ashamed and embarrassed. Mommas head was down. I didn't like situations like these so i changed the subject.
"I had my first dream last night..." I whispered. just then Mommas head shot up. She told me she used to have lots of dreams before she became immortal. I Had never had one till last night.
"in my dream. I was all grown up and i was dancing with a boy. there was really pretty music playing. music that daddy and momma listen to at night. it was really pretty," I smiled and I looked down at my toes.
"wow," momma sighed. then aunt Rosalie walked in.
"Aunt Rosalie!" i smiled and i climbed off uncle Emmett’s lap.
"Hey Love bug," she smiled and she picked me up. "did daddy do your hair today?" she smiled at daddy who was whispering to momma.
"guess what aunt Rosalie?"
"I'm going to be a horny teenager when i grow up. like momma and daddy were"
"What?" she gasped.
"Yeah. oh and watch this....I wish I was aunt Rosalie"
and then i felt taller and ten times prettier. long blond hair flowed down my back.
"wow," I gasped
"Okay, Nessie!" Daddy called out to me. Why did everyone look shocked?
"Momma and I need to talk to you.." He said. I Morphed back into myself and ran up to daddy. He swept me up into his arms making me laugh. They lead me out into the garden. It was cloudy today.
"okay Nessie we understand you are excited about your new power..." Momma said.
"But You cannot say that thing to anyone." Edward finished off.
"Why not?" I asked.
They looked uncomfortable.
"Just don't say it," momma said.
"ok," I bowed my head and I felt like crying. then I felt little drops of water on my skin. i looked up and it was snowing. "Momma its snowing!" I smiled
"Yeah," Momma smiled too. "It is. we should probably go back inside," she said
"Yeah lets go," they picked me up and we went back inside. Jacob was curled in a ball on the floor.
" he is so silly," I said to momma. then there was a loud noise from the kitchen. "What was that?" I asked
every body ran into the kitchen
"well that picture will be going in the bin." Uncle Emmett sighed. I stared at the split painting on the floor.
"Did no one think to catch it?" Mimi asked.
"Yeah if anyone was here..." Aunt Alice said. "And I wasn't looking into the future for a painting so I didn't know." She continued.
"It's okay... I'll paint a picture to go on the wall." I said. Every Awed and smiled. Momma put her hand on my shoulder. I hugged her leg.
"Ness do you want to go play in the snow?" Jacob asked me.
"No. i want to paint a picture," i smiled. "Can i momma?"
"go ahead" she said.
"Yay! uncle Emmett will you paint with me?"
"Ness I don’t know." he said.
"Please" I begged.
Minutes later. uncle Emmett and I were at the table with paints out in front of us. everyone else was about to go hunting.
"Have fun brother," uncle jasper laughed
"hey," he snapped. "Painting is awesome. don’t hate"
Aunt Rosalie came and kissed him on the lips. "Be good," she whispered.
"Ill try," he grinned
"Bye baby," momma said. "we'll be back"
and then they all left. leaving me and uncle Emmett alone. i put my hand to his cheek to show him what I saw earlier
"DUDE! NO!!!" Uncle Emmett gasped. it gave me a fright and I felt tears forming in my eyes.
"Momma told me not to say anything so i showed you instead!" I Exclaimed, my voice breaking. He closed his eyes for a second and then reopened them.
"And she's right but please, don't show that to anyone either." He pleaded
Why was everyone so shocked.
"It's adult stuff, Not for little children." He replied. I understood and felt silly now.
"Don't feel like that... Okay so what do you want to paint?" He smiled. I Took my hand of his cheek and lifted the paint brush.
"The boy i saw in my dream..." I said.
"You saw a Boy?" He asked. I nodded.
"Yeah, he was really pretty. hair that went to his shoulders and his eyes were brown like mine." I giggled. "oh my gosh uncle Emmett. you should paint a unicorn!"
"I was going to paint something else. ill paint a unicorn later"
"But I want you to paint one now!" I yelled
"alright alright i will," he said. "Geez you have a loud voice"
After we painted uncle Emmett handed me a shirt that was way to big for me and he turned on the TV.
"those big guys right there are the blue devils. we like the blue devils." He pointed to the TV. “and the shirt you’re wearing is called a jersey
"Like the Blue devils on the shirt?"
"Yes, just like them. alright when you see that ball go through hoop, i want you to cheer with me."
"Ok," I said, looking at him
"right about NOW"
"YES!!!" we cheered. uncle Emmett picked me up and threw me over his shoulder. it was funny being up side down
"Blue devils win. blue devils win" we cheered
As we danced around i saw someone in my peripheral vision. Someone looking at me through the window. I Looked at them. It was Him. The boy in my dream. Long hair and Brown eyes. He was white as a ghost.
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A day in the life. - Nessie's POV
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